3D printing is a transformative technology

Widespread use of 3D printers may bring the “renaissance” of craftsmanship (vs the domination of large scale mass production). The transition from hobbyist to artisan and to industrial producer is much easier.

Small product series can be produced at lower costs, reducing the economic barriers for new entrants in the manufacturing environment allowing for expensive molds realization can be postponed.

Time to market is significantly shortened as even for small producers there is no longer a need to outsource the production of customized components. More intricate and extreme product customization becomes possible

However, choice of materials for widespread printers is still limited to plastics. Metal 3D printers are too expensive to purchase For the average artisan, hobbyist, maker or small company with prices going upwards of $200K.

At Fluid Metal 3D we aim to change this by bringing metal 3D printing and removal to every desk.